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The Meibukan Gojyu Karate Winnipeg Dojo (school) is an educational institution teaching traditional Okinawa Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-do. We  are proud to be a member of the prestigious International Meibukan Gojyu Karate Association (IMGKA)

At our Dojo, instruction is provided in the traditional art of karate, which is viewed as “a way of life”, as well as a method of self-defence. This specific style named “Gojyu” translates as “Go”, meaning hard and “Ju”, meaning soft. Gojyu-ryu is one of the first three styles of karate formally recognized as such. It was the first to be officially named. This style of karate emphasizes the importance of personal development and the self-defence aspects of martial arts in a non-competitive, non-sport environment, as opposed to the competitive styles which have proliferated in North America.

The roots of Meibukan Gojyu Karate and the principles of Gojyu-ryu go back to China, Okinawa and Japan. The fluidity of Chinese White Crane Kenpo, the basics of the southern Shaolin (temple) of China, the northern Chinese techniques of smooth Hakke Sho palm techniques, and Tai Chi Chaun have all contributed to Gojyu-ryu practice and philosophy.

Found within this system of karate are elements of Judo, Ju-Jutsu and Kung Fu. Circular blocking techniques, powerful punches and kicks, and the utilization of joint locks, arm bars and throwing techniques characterize this martial art. Additionally we focus on proper breathing methods to cleanse, strengthen and tap into our internal health.

At the Dojo you will train in street self-defence tactics and kobudo (weapons). Benefits of training at our Dojo include strengthening, toning and flexibility of the body; mental discipline; confidence building and developing the “Yes, I can!” attitude.

You and your family are very important to us. At the Meibukan Gojyu Karate Winnipeg Dojo, you will always receive personal attention and the highest quality of instruction.



16 years and up

Meibukan Gojyu Karate Winnipeg Dojo offers a respectful learning environment for people of all ages and genders. Basic techniques, kata and self-defence application form the core curriculum of the program.


4 - 15 years old

The Children's Program offers discipline, focus and fun. The children learn about community through cooperation and teamwork. A self-defence and anti-bullying approach is an integral part of the curriculum.


This karate program is offered to both the children and parent/guardian members active in home schooling.

Registration is accepted at the Dojo on an ongoing basis. Karate is a personal lifestyle choice. You and/or your family member(s) may therefore begin classes at any time throughout the year.